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Connect with both your permanent and flexible employees,
Maximize your talents and get results.
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Staff planning becomes fun with our design planning software.

Staff planning can get frustrating sometimes. With Forganiser you simply drag the right person into your planning. Forganiser allows you to put the right person in the right place

Draw up work contracts quickly

Payroll administration is time consuming and keeps you from your real job. Forganiser lets you retrieve contracts directly from your planning and later send hours worked to your social secretariat or payroller in an instant.

Keep in touch with your team via texting ànd app.

Getting the best out of your staff requires being able to contact your employees wherever they are at any given time. Forganiser allows you to communicate with the right person, because you can only get the best out of your employees if you keep in touch. Wherever and whenever.

Attract the right employees, whenever you want.

Flexible working requires you attract new talent, that you can deploy quickly. Forganiser lets you perform targeted searches for skills that matter to you using a simple tag/skills system.

Register everybody’s working hours precisely.

Flexible labour can considerably reduce your wage costs. One condition being that you register the hours you have to pay for precisely. Thanks to Forganiser, every employee disposes of an app with a time registration module.

The right employee produces the best result.

Forganiser helps you match the talents of your employees with the requirements of the job. Managing skills equals bringing out the best in everyone.

The right numbers grant you insight into your organization.

If you want to manage an organization, you need data. Forganiser grants you insight into the numbers behind your human capital, your largest expense.

Quick, efficient and multifaceted

Database employees

Are you short-staffed? Forganiser has its own employee database. You can contact them yourself from the planning software.


Do you handle work contracts yourself? DIMONA is a time-consuming requirement for any employer who uses flexible work. Forganiser lets you request DIMONAs straight from the planning software, without additional work.

A variety of export functions

Export your planning or employees to an Excel file. Create contracts in Word or PDF. Export them directly to your computer. With these features, you can always edit your documents in the traditional way.


Forganiser has a handy app that enables employees to view planning schedules, sign employment contracts and receive notifications. The app can be used on all smartphones and is available anytime, anywhere.

Need support services?


Forganiser helps you take the digital plunge. We train the employees at your site or in our own training centre.


Need guidance that goes beyond mere training? Don’t worry, our experts have consulted plenty of managers and executives on digital transformation and change management in the past.

Planning back-up

Forganiser collaborates with several service providers who help with your planning. We offer support for both large projects and temporary planning staff shortages. Do you have a specific question? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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